Award Controversy


This image won the 2012 PPOC BC Salon Portrait of a Woman category. Meagan approached me with a fitness and yoga concept and of course I obliged. We had a lot of fun shooting in my studio. For this particular shot timing was everything if not a little bit lucky. I firing away trying to keep up with her. I was shooting with a zoom lens and had to keep backing up to accommodate her ever widening ‘wingspan’. I could also see her arms peaking into position. I clicked and was able to capture her position at the perfect moment. Luckily I was in focus and all of my lights fired as needed.

I submitted 4 images to the Salon competition and this one won. I attended the presentation dinner and was handed a huge trophy. Dinner was great and it turns out that I happened to be sitting at a table full of award winners including Photographer of the Year award. I was asked to have a picture taken with the sponsor for my category. Good thing I bought a new suit for the occasion! I left the event feeling very pleased for having gotten recognition from my peers for some of my work. It was the first competition I had ever entered.

Then it happened. About a week after the event I was told that I needed to return my newly earned trophy and plaque since there had been an error. It turned out that non accredited PPOC members are not eligible to win at the image salons. This wouldn’t be fair, after all to all the members who have in fact earned their accreditation. Hmm. What is accreditation? It is simply a process where the candidate is judged on 10 images of a chosen category. All 10 of those images must be accepted by PPOC judges in order to become accredited. I had not completed this process yet so was not eligible to win.

A couple of weeks after returning the hardware I received a phone call with an apology for the mistake and that a new award category had been created for non accredited members. Phew! I was still an award winner but in a slightly different category. The irony of it all is that a few weeks after receiving and having to give back the original award, I received my accreditation!



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