Dennis Lee is an active, award winning photographer living in Vancouver, BC. Within the same week, he can be found shooting fashion at an exotic beach location and a few days later, capturing real emotions of squatter village children in their raw environments.

Photographing people is what he does best. Dennis’ customers include models, make up artists, product companies and a web development company. His fashion images appear regularly in Freshly Worn Magazine.

Dennis is on a never-ending journey to learn. He has studied at Langara’s Certificate Photography Program and continues to work on his craft simply by being out there and shooting. Inspired by expression, posture, mood, color, shape, texture and especially light, Dennis is always watching, observing and growing.

His love for shooting on location has taken him to shooting fashion projects in California, Nevada, Maui, London and to various islands in the Philippines.

When he is not shooting, Dennis is also a busy parent whose children are now used to being his on-demand models. When the time allows, he can be found reading under a palm tree on some beautiful beach around the world.

Although he has never had a cup of coffee in his life, Dennis enjoys meeting with customers, colleagues and friends over ‘coffee’.