Shooting Glass and Metal


Here are the completed images from my glass and metal shoot. You can see the huge different a little bit of post production makes. You’ll remember from my November post that I was trying to make it look like there was a light in the ceiling of the shower. You can clearly see my strategically placed flash in that post.

By making sure I shot on a tripod and by shooting an extra shot without the flash, my post production team at Retouch Labs ( was able to easily remove my flash from that shot. You can also see that they removed the black curtain I used to manage reflections.




That’s me trying to escape from the frame as I tried to shoot the door in a partially open position. It would not stay in a semi open position and always wanted to close. I held the door open and let it go as I fired the camera from that position via remote. I have another shot with me not in the frame so my post production team simply combined the images and removed me from the mix.

This shoot was a great learning experience. I went in as prepared as possible but it still took me a while to get the shots I wanted. I am happy with the end results. The client will be using these and other images for their print and web catalogs.

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